Thermometers Wholesale

B2B are one of the largest distributers of Wholesale Thermometers in the UK. We offer a wide range of analogue, digital, outdoor and indoor thermometers.

We have a plethora of specialist thermometers suitable for saunas, fridges, cooking, kitchens, ,BBQs, gardening, pool, the bathroom and much more.

We also offer an advanced specialist range that includes infra-red, laser, probe, and cable thermometers, as well as the more novel glass Galileos.

All of our thermometers are high quality, durable and well-tested. The majority of the range are made in Germany by an established specialist manufacturer.

All thermometers where possible have been provided with accurate specifications obtained by testing the thermometers.

Due to our large range of thermometers we are able to offer products ranging from as low as £0.49 +VAT for an entry level Analogue Window Thermometer, all the way to a £230.45+VAT for a professional Video & Infrared Thermocouple Thermometer & Humidity Gun.

We pride ourselves on knowing we can’t be beaten on the sheer range and diversity of wholesale thermometers we offer.

As well as thermometers for all situations we offer a similar range of thermo-hygrometers (which combine the abilities of a thermometer measuring temperature with a hygrometer measuring humidity levels).

Weather Stations are another one of our passions and similarly to our wholesale thermometer range, we offer a huge range of Weather Stations in both analogue and digital forms, and again starting with very competitively priced entry models whilst also stocking advanced scientific models capable of data logging. We are particulary enthusiastic of our WeatherHub range that enables users to customise their set up by purchasing a range of add-on transmitters.