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The biggest range of coloured pots and watering cans

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We are one of the largest importers of Watering cans, Plant Pots & Weather Products in the UK. We stock around 500 Thermometers,  over 300 Weather Stations and 900 Pots in all sorts of different colours, shapes and sizes.

We also offer a private label service for the majority of our product range, enabling our trade customers to create their own branded products. Contact us if you would like assistance creating your own brand. We offer a bespoke design service of both product and packaging.

We are the proud sole distributor of the UK’s most popular (and most colourful) Watering Cans. Available in 11 different colours and in all sorts of sizes from the small 1 Litre Can all the way to the gigantic 14 Litre Can.

All of our outdoor Watering Cans come with a detachable black sprinkler rose (even our smallest cans). You can even just buy the roses

We have recently launched our range of recycled plastic range including our popular Recycled Watering Can and range of Pot Containers

The Nation's Most Popular Watering Cans

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